In 3 weeks after Gosford exhibition we made  another one at Curl Curl. This time in collaboration with Australian artists. The artists extended an invitation to the audience to immerse themselves in the blue, experience the ocean’s essence through their creations, uncover nature’s treasures, and contribute to making a positive impact. As “true blue” friends, both Ukrainians and Australians share a profound connection with nature, appreciating its beauty and prioritising environmental care. The fundraising exhibition seeked to encapsulate this shared bond, promote unity, and make a difference by raising funds for humanitarian aid to support the people of Ukraine during their time of need. Featured artists include Elena Levkovskaya, Nataliia Vyaz, Tetiana Koldunenko, Olena Vigovska, Alice Vigovska, Natalya Kravchenko, Rachel Carroll, Deanne Palmer, Susan Patrick, Jane Park, Jemima Carroll, Cassie Sofia, Holly Mahoney, Phillippa Thomas, Lorraine Gumbert, Anna Figueira, and Peta Dzubiel.

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