The Ukrainian Culture Research Centre Australia embarked on a poignant new project, “Scarlet & Black,” a presentation showcasing traditional Ukrainian outfits from various regions, illuminating the impact of war on these distinctive styles. The show unfolded at the Ukrainian Festival UkiFest Sydney on August 27, 2022, at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. Heartfelt gratitude extends to the models, who arrived from Ukraine, seeking refuge from the ravages of war, and to Roxolana Mishalow for her generous support and use of her collection of authentic old clothes. Special thanks to Tania Whitbourn for sharing her late mother Hrystyna Bailey’s collection, providing narration, and filming the show. The backstage support team, including Yevgeniya Chemerys, Kateryna Chemerys, and Oksana Zhukovych, played a crucial role. Many thanks to festival organizer Justin Senko for technical support. As the curator, I created slides, text, and replicas of jewelry and head wreaths. Gratitude to all the models and the support team for successfully telling the story of beauty and sorrow, with the hope that only beautiful memories endure. Special thanks to the brilliant photographer Tetiana Matsypura for capturing the essence of the show in her photos.

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