How russian aggression affects me…
I didn’t know I can cry. Now I could win a crying marathon. Being in Sydney safe and warm and feeling destroyed, I admire my aunty’s Raisa incredible resilience. Her city of Kharkiv is continuously bombed from the first day till now. First 10 days of war she was reporting to us every morning that she is ok. But I just imagine how it feels to be an 85 years old with asthma and knee problem, which makes shelter unreachable, to stay on the forth floor of an apartment building during the bombing and think if the bomb is coming to her or to others…. On day 11 her apartment was damaged. Without water and heating, with minus 12 outside, she probably was thinking – “Will I freeze to death today or tomorrow?” However, she didn’t panic.

I am very very grateful to all the people who rescued her and were helping her in her 12 days journey to Sydney.

I am very grateful to Australia for allowing her to come to our local MP and his team for their invaluable support. This sunflower is for them to remember that they literally saved Raisa’s life. On the photo Raisa on the day of leaving her damaged apartment and after a month in Sydney.

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