When the full-scale invasion of russian troops in Ukraine happened on 24th of February 2022 I was very distressed. A participation in an art inspired online auction Openyourheart.online helped me to focus my energy on helping those in need.

Myself and three other Ukrainian artists of Australia, we donated our works to the Fundraising program “Open Your heart.online” and raised nearly 20k for the Ukrainian refugees through Habitat for Humanity.
I called my painting “Towards the light” to emphasize on the aspirations of Ukrainians achieve prosperous and peaceful life, on their movement towards being a member European Union and NATO. The painting shows two butterflies instinctively moving toward the light in this uncertain and rough world. For many cultures the butterfly is a symbol of change and beauty. Ukraine is undergoing a change and, I hopes, it will have a beautiful future. In this painting, I’ve used the colours of the Ukrainian flag. For me, these are the colours of hope and peace and happiness.


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